martedì 7 giugno 2011


Artwork by Ego_tek

1 2 3... OPPLA' STICK
The Quick Art of Stickers
Open call for Stickers ---> Deadline: 20 March 2011

We invite all artists to partecipate at the first stickers expo
Made in Savona

The exhibition is organized by "True Love Art Gallery", "In Your Eyes E-Zine" e "Frammenti nei tuoi Occhi" and will be
26 March 2011 at the ex-Macello Comunale Piazzale Amburgo Savona (Italy)

To partecipate send your stickers within 20/03/2011 to this address:
True Love Art Gallery
Via Vacciuoli 18r
17100 Savona

Don't forget to send also your name or nickname, website or social network, country

Our addresses:

Websites and Social networks

We will not accept:
Any kind of ads by the form of stickers
Stickers that portray images copied by the web
Stickers containing homophobic or xenophobic messages

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